My first pleasure boat: how to choose a boat and its accessories?

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The first pleasure boat is always remembered as a special boat. The choice can become exciting, but also tedious because of the fear of not getting it right.

With this article we intend to make an introduction to the nautical language related to the navigation of pleasure boats. It covers the different types of recreational boats, as well as the basic terminology about the structure and parts of these boats. 

With all this information, and finding out what reputation the companies for renting or selling boats have, as in Marinemax Reviews, it will be much easier for you to make up your mind and choose your first pleasure boat.

What is a pleasure boat?

Over the last few years there has been an important development in the nautical sector. From it we can highlight the pleasure boats. The so-called pleasure boats are boats that, regardless of their means of propulsion, are longer than 2.5 meters and are used for sports or leisure purposes.

The choice of a recreational boat should be a well thought-out decision. It is necessary to consider besides the budget for the acquisition of the boat and another one for its equipment, to know the companies that offer the boats in opinion pages like Marinemax Reviews, and finally, to have annual expenses around 10% of the investment made to face the expenses of mooring, insurance, dry docking, maintenance and replacement of batteries, sails, fenders, etc.

Types of pleasure boats

The main types of recreational boats that can be distinguished, according to the legislation applicable to these boats, are

  • The yacht

This term is used to refer to the larger motor recreational boats, higher sport potential or higher performance and accessory elements. In addition to having an engine, it can be powered by sails.

  • The motorboat

It is a smaller motor boat. In addition to having an engine, it can be powered by sails or oars. Most of these boats are used in ports, bays, coves, rivers and lakes because their design and equipment is not suitable for sailing in the open sea.  Within this group we find inflatable boats and semi-rigid boats.

  • The Sailboat

It is a boat powered by sails that take advantage of the action of the wind.

  • The catamaran

Sailing boat formed by two hulls.

  • The trimaran

Multihull sailboat, formed by a main case (vaka) and two smaller floats (amas) tied to the side of the main hull with side props (akas).

  • The boat

It is a small boat powered by oars. It is characterized by not having a cabin or deck.

Choose a pleasure boat according to your needs

There are several types of pleasure boats: for fishing, diving, cruising… We must know what we want to use them for and what activities we want to carry out on them.

We must know the needs that each boat covers, and if the activities that you projected at the beginning can be carried out in it, that is why it is important to find out in pages like Marinemax Reviews to know better the details of the service offered to the clients and the boats. To do this we must focus on the characteristics of various models of boats.

For example, if I have decided on a semi-rigid recreational boat and my aim with it is to achieve absolute relaxation, accompanied by my own and a good fridge up to the top of drinks, I would choose a semi-rigid Cobra 520 Lux for its solarium. 

If I want it to be a little bigger, I would certainly choose the Semi-Rigid Cobra 580 Sport or 580 Hybrid. Both enjoy incredible versatility, so they also serve as fishing RIBs.

If, on the contrary, my great hobby was fishing, I would choose as my first pleasure boat the Semi-Rigid Cobra 680 Fisher or the Semi-Rigid Cobra 700. But if I didn’t have the PER, and I only had the boat title, I would choose the Semi-Rigid Cobra 550 Fisher. 

However, if I wanted a RIB for diving I would choose one where my whole group could go with their respective equipment; I am talking about the Diving models.