Seals for bottles: know their advantages and the types that exist

Seals for bottles

The idea that «plastic is harmful to the environment» is embedded in society.

But that is because we misuse it. 

There is no denying that plastic is a component that takes a very long time to degrade, but it is also important to say that it is a super-easy material to recycle into seals for bottles

Plastic in general is composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen or sulfur. 

It usually comes from the distillation of petroleum. It is made by polymerizing compounds that come from petroleum.

There are many types of plastic: PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, etc. 

Here is an article about the type of plastic we use at Limplas, which is above all sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Benefits of using plastic caps over caps made of other materials

Using plastic caps has advantages compared to using other materials.

  • They are non-toxic. 99% of plastic caps are type 2 or 5.
  • Easy to recycle. The plastic used for the caps is very good for the recycling process.
  • Recycling them has benefits for the environment, as it reduces waste in landfills, beaches, etc.
  • Recycling plastic caps also has benefits for the economy. Because we avoid extracting raw materials from nature and save on natural resources.

In addition, if you manufacture plastic caps, they will be unbreakable. And the containers will be resistant to possible spills of whatever is inside the container.

They are chemically inert. That gives security to the content.

Another advantage of plastic caps or seals for bottles is that they are often used for charitable purposes.

The caps are made of a high quality and very hard plastic. Therefore, when they are recycled, they are crushed and chemically treated to obtain pure plastic for reuse.

That is why the treatment plants give 200€ for each ton of plastic caps delivered.

And, with that money, many charities manage to survive.

One example is the Noelia Foundation, which helps children with congenital muscular dystrophy.

Thus, plastic caps are safe, resistant, environmentally responsible and help charitable purposes.

Types of plastic closures

You might think that all plastic caps are the same, but nothing could be further from the truth, there are different types. And in Limplas you can find all of them.

  1. Plastic stoppers with dripper pressure

This type of stopper is perfect to close compactly. 

That way the liquid inside the container will be well protected.

In Limplas, you can get plastic stoppers of different colors and different sizes like this one with a mouth of 21 or this one with a mouth of 33. 

You could, for example, stopper the wine bottles with the pressure dropper stoppers and in this way have your wine well closed.

  1. Universal plastic screw caps

Their main feature is that they are universally useful, they can be used for any type of container due to their screw type.

In Limplas you can get universal plastic screw caps in different colors and useful for all types of bottles. Like these 33 mouth caps.

We could use these caps with this 33 mouth bottle and use the set to bottle milk, for example.

  1. Seals for bottles: Plastic screw caps for jars

These would be plastic screw caps, like the universal ones above, but larger to fit jars.

These types of lids are essential for the proper preservation of beverages and food.

In Limplas you can get plastic screw caps for jars of different sizes, we have some of 90 mm and others of 110 mm.

For example, for this type of caps, the 90 mm, your perfect container would be this jar that fits perfectly with the diameter.